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Designed for Charitable Foundations and Not For Profit Organizations

Ownership group actively participates in all mortgage transactions with their own capital behind every investor dollar. This provides a secure back-stop for all investors in the Oculus Fund with the added security of lowering investors’ exposure.

The Owner’s Fund can elect to keep the Oculus Fund current and deals with any defaults should they occur.

We lend on value-add development, industrial, multi-family, and commercial loans within Ontario only.

We only invest in mortgages with a clear exit strategy and a strong purpose.

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Track Record & Expertise

Demonstrated expertise in rigorous underwriting. Our team has underwritten over $10 Billion of mortgages to date. 

Combined hands on experience of over 30 years in the mortgage industry brokering, lending and enforcing on mortgages. 

Mortgage book of $250 Million.

Risk Management

Owner’s Fund absorbs losses. Management’s capital is behind every dollar invested in the fund ensuring management’s goals are completely aligned with our investors.

The Owner’s Fund is the first to absorb any loss and the last to collect returns. This is the only fund of its kind in Canada.

Third party reports and consultants on every deal.

Loan Administration

Introduction of third party administration for a smoother investor experience.

Transparent Operations

Monthly statements and payments

Tracking and Analytics

Robust fund tracking and analytics

Team Experience and Software

Strong experience with proprietary software for the best experience

Fund Advantages

Portfolio Risk Diversification across all of the transactions funded for reduced risk rather than being tied to a singular asset.

Consistent returns with capital always earning interest without the time delays of funding specific loans.

Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP) is available so your money can compound month over month enhancing your annual return.

In house, individualized tax advice with our full service accounting firm.